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Visibility Consulting is a Qualitative Market Research Consultancy Firm founded in 2000.

We provide an intimate and detailed understanding of the Australian and New Zealand markets for our clients. Cutting out the speculation we find out the ‘whys’ for our clients.

We analyse current popular opinion, the mood of the nation and consumer sentiment in a vast range of specific markets. We provide a read on all the dynamics in play and its strategic implications for our clients.

We advise management on the strategic development of advertising, marketing and communication. Qual is at the centre of communication strategy, messaging and brand development.

We develop campaigns and strategic messaging to effectively harness and influence public opinion and optimally position and frame our client’s brand or argument.

An innovator in the qualitative research arena, founding partner of social trends research agency Heartbeat and boutique qualitative shop Vivid, Rob believes in telling consumers’ stories in fresh and engaging ways that touch clients’ hearts and minds and spark their imagination for expanding the possible. Most importantly he strives to ensure insights live through an organisation to help drive positive change for client and consumer alike.

Rob has created and run ideation, co-creation and consumer immersion programs, has presented to CEOs and senators, at conferences internationally and in many of the boardrooms of corporate Australia. Last year he led projects for clients such as Sydney Opera House, American Express, Astra Zeneca, Federal Dept of Health, Rabobank, SBS and Reckitt Benckiser.

Australia's leading political qualitative researcher. A veteran of nine state and federal elections for the ALP, the Mining Tax Campaign for the Minerals Council of Australia as well as numerous other high profile public persuasion campaigns. Advising prime ministers, premiers and CEOs of Australia's leading companies on communication and campaign strategies.

He works commercially at only the highest corporate level with Australia's leading blue chip brands in understanding their markets, identifying opportunities, developing clear and compelling brand communication strategy. Last year he led large, fundamental research and strategic projects for clients such as ANZ, Coles, Foxtel, Brown Forman, The Fred Hollows Foundation and the new Qantas "Feels Like Home" campaign.

Working with Visibility for 10 years, Simone heads up the international division. She has a Masters in International Relations and is fluent in three languages. She facilitates qualitative research for clients from overseas wanting to gain an intimate understanding of the Australian market dynamics and opportunities in their specific market. She also leads the work for Australian companies needing to understand markets overseas, particularly in Asia and Europe.


Visibility is Australia's leading qualitative research agency.

We have been advising prime ministers, premiers and CEO's of Australia's leading companies on political sentiment, consumer behavior and communication strategy for the last ten years.

Visibility currently works with a range of blue chip brands and has 25 years of experience in understanding and exploring the mood of the Australian and New Zealand people and markets at the coalface.

Visibility provides clear strategic advice for advertising and communication to position your brand or your argument in a winning position in the market.

With tested connections throughout Asia we conduct qualitative research and communication development in Asian markets to optimally position your brand. We provide an intimate understanding of those markets to our clients and how to effectively communicate and engage with them.

For overseas clients looking at Australia and New Zealand, we help them understand the competitive landscape in their specific market in Australia and New Zealand, the key consumer drivers, response to their offering and strategic communication advice.

MEDIA - Written by Tony Mitchelmore

Forget health and education, forget the national economy or cost of living. What matters now in winning elections is behaviour. Voters are sick of being misled and lied to, they are sick of politicians governing for themselves.

Liberal Party attacks on the Labor Party for its union links have become an easy and effective political salvo with swinging voters in middle Australia. They have impact and cause apprehension with many.

In talking to average Australians over the past three years, there is one thing more than any other that stands out: they express a deep disdain for Australian politics and politicians. It hasn't always been the case.

MEDIA - About Tony Mitchelmore

Australian Financial Review, 19-03-15
Laura Tingle, "Being governed by fools is not funny"

"…we had a confirmation this week from focus group polling conducted for Fairfax by one of Australia's most respected focus group pollsters, Visibility's Tony Mitchelmore, with the small caveat being that these voters didn't describe Tony Abbott as an idiot but a fool." Read full review

Tim Gatrell on 2007 federal election campaign:

"Tony Mitchelmore's one man band toured Australia talking with hundreds of swinging voters. His insights were invaluable and helped steer us through the complexities of popular opinion." Read full review

Australian Financial Review, 23-08-14 Phillip Coorey, "Palmer taps into a deep vein of political mistrust"

"This was 'no small phenomenon,' says Mitchelmore, a veteran of nine state and federal elections and, most recently, co-author of the strategy that saw Labor's Premier Jay Weatherill snatch a narrow against-the-odds win in South Australia." Read full review

ABC TV, 11-06-15
Sarah Ferguson, “The Killing Season”

“Communications strategist Tony Mitchelmore discusses his views of the ALP’s use and misuse of focus group findings"
Extended interview with Tony Mitchelmore
Watch full program

Australian Financial Review, 29-03-14
Phillip Coorey, "The men who stole the SA election"

"…campaign gurus Neil Lawrence and Tony Mitchelmore were assessing how to engineer the re-election of an unpopular, 12-year-old Labor government in South Australia…" Read full review

"Too Much Luck: The Mining Boom and Australia's Future" by Paul Cleary (page 76)

"BHP spared no expense on the campaign, which reported directly to CEO Marius Kloppers. External talent included the market-research specialist Tony Mitchelmore and the corporate strategist John Connolly. Mitchelmore had been plucked from obscurity by Labor to work on the Kevin07 campaign and had stayed on doing qualitative research before working for BHP on this campaign. He organised an intensive round of sixteen focus-group sessions, which revealed that many participants believed Rudd's proposal had come out of left field and was likely to derail the one industry that was keeping Australia's head above water. Realising that they had a good chance of killing the tax, the miners adopted a 'whatever it takes' approach…"

Our Work

Qantas, 'Feels Like Home' campaign, Nov/Dec 2014

Australian Labor Party, South Australian state election 2014

Australian Labor Party, Queensland state election 2009

Australian Labor Party, Kevin 07 - ALP Federal election campaign

Australian Minerals Council, 'Keep Mining Strong'

Australian Minerals Council, '˜This is our story'

Australian Nursing Federation '˜You couldn't be in better hands'

Fairfax Media
Political Qualitative Polling

Other Clients

The Mitchelmore Report

Visibility has been delivering qualitative reports and strategic communication advice to prime minsters, premiers and opposition leaders for the last 10 years.

These reports are now available publicly in The Mitchelmore Report.

Released quarterly and at critical moments in the political cycle, the reports provide in depth analysis of the political state of play and strategic imperatives for both sides as well as voter perceptions on the key issues of the moment. The reports are syndicated and therefore highly cost effective.

The Mitchelmore Report is accessed and purchased by news outlets and leading political writers with a vested interest in the state of play, delivering the same insights and strategic conclusions provided to Prime Ministers and Opposition Leaders.

The full report is available by contacting

Report synopsis:

It is true, PUP is driven by Clive Palmer's personality. However, this is only part of the story…

Palmer is tapping a much deeper sentiment. There is more to Palmer voters than meet the eye and the stereotypes are often off the mark. They see more in Palmer than just his personality.

Report synopsis:

In the past many post budget groups have been almost futile. In previous work asked for first thoughts on the budget many said “what budget?” or knew very little about it.

These budget groups were very different to that. Engagement was high, the discussions were lively and the temperature was higher than in any budget of recent years. It has impacted strongly.

The report predicted “…given perceptions of the budget and strong reactions to it, which we will go on to describe, this budget will be defining for this relatively new government. Its effect will be long term in terms of either positively or negatively defining Tony Abbott and this government.”

Report synopsis:

The current mood in Australia remains unsettled.

Many are deeply uncertain about the future. Words like ‘cautious’, ‘worried’, struggling’ are prevalent. They see the ending of the mining boom and the closing of manufacturing that can’t compete and they think the budget is broke. The future feels far from assured.

Swinging voters describe how they are feeling about the new “leadership crisis" and the prospect of another change in PM. Yes, their opinions of Abbott are poor, yes the feedback on both Bishop and Turnbull was positive but all of this is secondary. The absolute overwhelming sentiment is disillusionment and amazement that this is even occurring. They just wish it wasn’t happening. “A pox on both their houses.” People are fed up with politicians and lost confidence in the major political parties to get us through the uncertainty. At a time when they crave leadership and stability they are being given the opposite.

Visibility Voxx

VOXX is highly engaging qualitative video content of real people talking about your brands in real locations that is proving vastly popular with clients.

It connects your organisation to your audience, turning feedback around in 24hrs if necessary and in a compelling, cost effective way.

VOXX provides top of mind intuitive response to your new product, new packaging, new advertising or new store. It gives you top of mind intuitive response to competitor activity and makes clear how your target or people on the street are talking about your brand. When you need quality content fast for conferences or sales presentations this high quality video format engages your staff and clients with research insights brought to life in people's own words. Not more PowerPoint.

It is ideal for new product testing/tasting/packaging; quick response to new TVC's or brand activity, understanding the point of sale thinking of your target or monitoring social trends by digging deeper into these issues. That's VOXX.

View VOXX in action

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